D1) Carrie Nettles - Chaplain at the CAC

Dozens of studies have found that abused and neglected children are often impacted spiritually and that addressing these spiritual injuries can have a profound impact on the medical and mental health of a child.
In 2013, the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center proposed that CACs consider incorporating a chaplain into CAC or MDT responses to child abuse. In 2016, the Julie Valentine Center in Greenville, SC, became the first CAC to hire a chaplain as a victim service specialist. This workshop will address the research that supports this work, how a CAC can incorporate a chaplaincy program, and lessons learned from JVC's first three years of implementation.

D2) Julie Brand-  The Best Kept Secret: Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse

Our culture denies that mothers perpetrate sexual abuse; maternal incest frequently goes undetected. This unique workshop examines the complex mother-daughter incestuous relationship, identifies therapeutic issues critical to victim recovery and offers strategies for prevention and intervention. This dynamic program is both research-based and survivor-informed. The presenter is an experienced counselor and a resilient survivor of maternal sexual abuse.

D3) Holly Grosshans-  Obtaining and Admitting Digital Evidence

This workshop will cover what you need to know in order to identify and obtain digital evidence in your investigations. You will learn about the legal process to obtain different types of evidence, and how to lay the proper foundation for admitting this evidence during prosecution of your case.  You will also get some tips on how to present this evidence at trial as well as how to prepare for direct and cross examination of experts in these cases. 

10:00 – 10:15 AM **BREAK** 


E1) Carrie Nettles - Spiritual Needs of Children 

This session will be an introduction to the spirituality of the child and particularly the spiritual needs of children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences. Attendees will learn about the spiritual development of children and adolescents, their relational consciousness, and the existential limits they encounter as typically developing and traumatized children.

E2) Julie Brand - The Best Kept Secret: Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse (CONTINUED)

E3) Lorinda Lamken-  Child Abuse Cases: Critical Courtroom Motions

Pre-trial motions can shape many aspects of child abuse case prosecution. Filing motions can positively affect a trial, and conversely, the failure to file motions can negatively impact already difficult cases. Motions can affect who is allowed into the courtroom when a child is testifying and provide special accommodations to facilitate a child’s testimony. Motion practice can dictate the specific evidence that your jury gets to hear when determining guilt. This session will discuss how participants can assist in ensuring the prosecutor has the information needed to file motions in these cases.

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM  **LUNCH** (Provided) 


F1) Mike O’Neill & Crystal Uhe- Investigation, Trial, Conviction and Appeal:  Overcoming with a Coordinated Sexual Abuse Investigation

FASA Crystal Uhe and Det. Sgt. Michael O’Neill will be presenting a case study of the investigation and prosecution of a 2011 Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault case that arose out of Alton, Illinois. They will begin by presenting the investigation and prosecution that occurred in the years of 2011 and 2012, followed by a subsequent appeal ending in 2017, and finally a retrial that occurred in 2018. In doing so, the speakers will address best practices for police interrogation, utilizing the CAC for successful investigation and prosecution, successful and unsuccessful pre-trial motions, trial issues, appeal, special issues involved in subsequent re-trials, expert testimony (specifically in the areas of false confessions and child testimony) and finally sentencing.

F2) Julie Brand-  A Close-Up Look at Female Sex Offenders in Positions of Trust

We have made progress in recognizing that some women, working in “positions of trust”—as teachers, nuns, probation officers, coaches—do sexually abuse children. This workshop examines cases of female teachers found guilty of child sexual abuse. It explores the dynamics of their teacher-student “relationships” and reveals ways that the gender of the perpetrator impacts victim disclosures, the reporting of sex crimes, arrests, public opinion, prosecution and sentencing. The presenter shares audio portions of her interview with a convicted female teacher-offender. Proactive strategies for prevention and earlier intervention will be shared.

F3)  Lorinda Lamken - New Illinois Legislation affecting Juvenile Victims and Offenders

& Kelly Griffith Session will provide a general legislative update of new laws in Illinois with specific attention to recent laws that have been enacted that impact child abuse victims and juvenile offenders

2:15 – 2:30 PM ** BREAK ** 


G1) Mike O’Neill & Crystal Uhe- Investigation, Trial, Conviction and Appeal:  Overcoming with a Coordinated Sexual Abuse Investigation (CONTINUED)

G2) Julie Brand -What About Our Boys? Understanding the Challenges Facing Male Victims of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Male victims can experience overwhelming gender bias when disclosing sexual abuse, whether their perpetrator is male or female. This program discusses male sexual victimization, the unique challenges men face and the myths that keep male victims silent. We will discover how the “Adverse Childhood Experiences Study” (ACES) validates what many professionals have long believed about both the frequency and the resulting trauma of male sexual victimization. We will offer specific trauma informed approaches for working with male victims—from disclosure to therapy. 

G3) Betsy Goulet- From Sim World to the Real World: Experiential training for  Multidisciplinary Teams

For over four years the Child Protection Training Academy at the University of Illinois Springfield has been partnering with DCFS to train frontline professionals, using simulation labs on the campus and in Chicago.  In 2019, using three years of evaluation data, the team developed a training for multidisciplinary teams using simulation and problem-based learning.  This pilot training provided additional insight about team decision-making and joint investigations.  This workshop will cover the use of simulation labs for child protection investigations and the participants will experience PBL using a case scenario.