About the Downstate Conference

For 27 years, the Downstate Conference on Child Abuse has offered quality training to professionals working with child abuse victims in Southern Illinois.

The training was envisioned and developed by Child Advocacy Center directors from the Southern Region of Illinois.

The goal of this conference is to provide high quality, affordable and accessible training for DCFS, law enforcement, prosecutors, mental health professionals, child advocates and all other social service workers who see daily the effects of child abuse. This conference offers cross training with a multidisciplinary approach for dealing with child abuse.  Proper training is vital to insure that the children are given the best help available when faced with the horrors of abuse. The Downstate Conference presents comprehensive training in every aspect of this very important issue including: investigation, medical evaluation, mental health assessment and treatment, prosecution, and child advocacy. The conference explores ways to implement the best practices in child abuse investigations. The hope is that this has translated into better outcomes for child abuse victims.

The two-day event has consistently drawn professionals from throughout Illinois. The Downstate Conference on Child Abuse is proud to provide affordable yet high quality training for professionals dedicated to the protection and healing of abused children.